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Sunday, March 21, 2010

My first blog

Hello everyone! My name is Suzanne, and this is my first time in blogging. Let me start by telling a little bit about myself. I grew up in a small town of Powell, Wyo. Not too far from Yellowstone National Park. After graduating high school, I married my first husband and had 2 wonderful boys, Kyle and Nathan. We were married for about 7 years, but unfortunately had grown apart. A few yrs later, I met my soul mate. We moved from Powell 7 yrs ago to Colorado. We sure love it here.

My sister, who also lives in Colorado, is a scrapbooker. She had introduced me into scrapbooking and got me started. I was pretty slow at it for a while. then a friend of mine learned I was doing a little scrapping, and introduced me into stamping and cardmaking. I have been hooked since. I was surfing the web one day, and ran into the magnolia stamps, and was IN LOVE!! I couldn't get over how adorable they were. I just had to have some. So, I made my first purchase of the stamps. Once I received them, the first thing I did, was went down and started stamping and coloring, then before I new it, I made my first magnolia card.

I found a Magnolia stamp group on Facebook, and have been enjoying all the posts on there. That is where I learned of the Copic Markers. Ok, had to have some. So, I went out and bought some. I now have acquired quite a few in my collection. I'm still however trying to master the blending. Hopefully, one of these day's I will get it down :-)

So that pretty much it in a nutshell for now. Hope you guys enjoy!


  1. Yeah!!!! good job Suzanne! You can also get free blog templates at Shabbyblogs.com and there are more but i can't think of them off the top of my head. When you're visiting other people's blogs, look on the upper left hand corner for blog template sites. or you could just google it. anyways, welcome to the world of blogging. you'll be happy that you did this because you can look back at all your stuff and see how you've grown....crafting wise. keep up the posting!
    Leslie Avila

  2. Yay, Suzanne, you'll love doing all of this it is alot of fun as I am sure that I have said before hahahaha. Your blog already looks off to a great start :oD I normally have no idea how to do anything with the computer, but even I am fining my way around. Check out the other blogs, you can find your way to mine by clicking on my image here :0)
    Checkout the magnolia groups like JUST MAGNOLIA and http://magnoliadownunderchallenges.blogspot.com/ they are open for everyone to enter your cards into challenges. And dont worry your cards are beautiful and the best thing, it brings people to your blog yay!!!!!
    If you need any help, feel free to message me.
    Happy Stamping :oD

  3. keep an eye out for followers too, i just joined you :oD yay

  4. hello :)
    welcome to blog land im now one of your followers yay !! its alot of fun.I just found copics I love them still learning how to use them tho I have been joining in on a few challenges like Peta she has listed the links..your cards are gorgeous.Hugs and have fun.
    ps your blog looks great :)